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El Puerto de Liverpool

Bare, subtle ceiling lights glimmer above boldly colored columns, giving the El Puerto de Liverpool department store in Guadalajara, Mexico, a neat and spirited look. The department store chain is named after the English port where goods destined for Mexico were once dispatched. It offers clothing for men, women and children as well as home furnishings. Especially prominent are the crimson escalators, complemented by translucent glass columns. Dallas-based architectural firm RYA used slim structures with simple lines and backlit graphics to breathe character into the open space. Form, color, light and texture combine to create a welcoming and energetic ambiance.

Project Name: El Puerto de Liverpool

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Square Footage: 289,570

Architect: RYA, Dallas

Client: Administracion del Puerto de Liverpool


General Contractor: Grupo Huitzilin

Fixtures: Grupo Huitzilin

TAGS: Development
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