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The world isn't getting any bigger and the population trends that were once the ‘future shock’ of the past are coming of age. The ‘good sites’ are pretty much gone. Creative developers see the potential of infill and brownfields development and the customer wants to move back to the downtowns just in time. Little is a key participant in making these deals work, with both place making and ROI as the goal. Why? Because Little recognizes that for any development to pen, it must have an 800-pound gorilla to drive tenant synergies and traffic. And unless you have that, there's no deal.

Little has found the map to the Holy Grail: fitting the best supermarkets into vertically integrated mixed-use. With 25 years of supermarket experience, coupled with residential and commercial development expertise, Little can help a developer close a deal quickly and make it happen through completion.

Furthermore, urban zoning, infrastructure and traffic modeling threaten to limit a developer's options — or drag the process out for years. Little's Land Development Services and can create an entitlements strategy that assures speed and a winning plan. Transit-oriented development and the mixture of uses prescribed by jurisdictions further narrow the options. Little finds opportunities in these challenges.

The Elizabeth Avenue District in Charlotte, N.C. highlights all of Little's talent in a circle of services that gives the development team a competitive edge. Located in a mixed-use development district, the project will infill an underutilized track of land bordered by a leading hospital, community college and some of the most affluent housing stock in the region. The city's first Whole Foods will anchor one corner, as well as restaurants and shops totaling 100,000 square feet will line the existing street edge. The residential elements include a 20-story luxury condo tower, flanked by a boutique hotel. Parking will be provided through a unique public/private subsidy and will provide centralized parking for the grocery, housing and retail functions, while maintaining each component's operational requirements.

Subsequent phases will diversify housing types/price points and embellish the retail platform. Elizabeth will be Charlotte's first true urban infill revitalization. Little — present at the creation.

Contact Info

5815 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone: 704.525.6350

Fax: 704.561.8700


Email: [email protected]

Size of Firm: 300

Year Established: 1964

Key Contacts:
Bruce A. Barteldt, Jr.
AIA, National Retail
Studio Principal
Raleigh J. Cline, AIA,
Studio Principal

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