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As our communities grow we must look inwardly at what makes a successful retail center. Visibility, ease of parking, and sales are all valuable lessons learned through years of retail design. However, with today's changing philosophy on how we design our communities, one must look beyond the norm and think about how we create a unique destination.

MCG Architecture blends retailers needs with a creative approach to community development. Recognizing the importance of the retailers needs is fundamental to good design. The intensity is felt when community spirit is further introduced to create a unique environment.

In Sacramento, Calif., MCG designed Natomas Town Center that embraces the idea of retail needs and public space. An emphasis is placed on the feel of a space through large public areas and low walled landscape zones that are major elements rather than afterthoughts. This parkland approach encourages families to relax in secure environments yet maintains a balance of respect for tenant signage and access.

Similarly, the Marketplace at Centerra in Loveland, Colo., creates an eclectic mix of village and big box retail as an addition for an existing center. Anchored by a Target, the additional site area was designed to allow a new Main Street district to act as the transition between existing major tenants through a more intimate specialty shop and restaurant walking village and then into a new area featuring additional major tenants and restaurants. The excitement and diversity created at the main street with accompanying smaller shops and activity will compliment the scale of the larger retailers and act as a focal point for neighborhood pedestrians and families.

As this airport adjacent area of Irvine, Calif., embraces Orange County's housing needs through new multi-level developments, MCG compliments this new vertical urbanist approach with a multi-level mixed-use destination, Diamond Jamboree. A tenant mix necessary for a growing community is complimented by upper level commercial activities to further help define this new residential neighborhood. Vibrancy is created through understanding how we design within limitations of space.

The complexity of retail design is multi-faceted. The needs of clients, cities, tenants and communities all combine for a successful project. MCG understands that success is achieved through application of these various needs and a commitment to excellence.

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