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RTKL ASSOCIATES INC. IRIVINE SPECTRUM CENTER, PHASE II * Irvine, Calif. Also in the category of New Entertainment/Themed Centers, the Los Angeles office of Baltimore-based RTKL Associates Inc. was awarded the 1999 SADI for its design of Phase II of Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, Calif.

RTKL was charged with finding a theme that differed from, yet complemented, the successful Moroccan design of Irvine Spectrum's first phase. Phase II is a re-creation of Alhambra, a 13th-century Spanish palace complete with courts, a bell tower and souks (shopping streets) for all the king's men - and women.

The palatial elements give Phase II a majestic air, as well as numerous spaces for people moving and lounging. Some of the more relaxed spaces include the Court of Lions, which has a fountain with vibrant arcades and giant palms; the Court of Myrtles, which has a reflecting pool and arcing jets of water; and the Court of Dorado, which sits in the shade of the bell tower.

In addition to creating these relaxing areas, the designers were challenged to create a masterplan for Phase II and future phases that allow for contiguous pedestrian movement throughout. To that end, single paths and paseos allow for smooth, uninterrupted transitions and increase exposure for all tenants, thereby enhancing shop-ability.

Phase II also had to maintain the first phase's identity as a high-end, secure exterior, entertainment environment, while also blending more traditional retailers into the heavily themed center. Five sit-down restaurants and a variety of clothing and gift shops are combined with anchor Dave & Busters.

Along with its visual appeal, Phase II is also noteworthy for its construction. The structure features steel movement frame design with glue-laminated purloins, a wood roof and a 4-ply, build-up roof with clay tiles. Six different concrete masonry units create the palace walls. Interior materials are plaster-on-steel studs, multi-color tile patterns, glass-fiber reinforced concrete details, and painted metal and canvas shade structures.

Definitely a majestic space.


Los Angeles office

Paul F. Jacob AIA (vice president-in-charge); David Schmitz (associate vice president/project manager); Mark DeMarta (project architect); Katherine J. Sprague (vice president-in-charge for graphics); Kevin Horn (vice president/lead designer for graphics)


Newport Beach, Calif.

Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: Watkins/ Baile & Associates, Newport Beach, Calif. (associate architect); William M Simpson, Newport Beach, Calif. (structural engineer); Seismic Structural Design Associates Inc., Laguna Nigel, Calif. (seismic engineer); Store Matakovich & Wolfberg, South El Monte, Calif. (MEP); The Keith Cos., Costa Mesa, Calif. (on-site civil engineer); CDC Engineering, Irvine, Calif. (off-site civil engineer); Burton Associates, San Diego (landscape architects); KAKU Associates, Santa Monica, Calif. (traffic engineer); Pirzadeh & Associates, Irvine, Calif. (traffic planning); Door Hardware Consultants, Pasadena and Escondido, Calif. (hardware consultant); Shaw & Sons Construction, Costa Mesa, Calif. (construction consultant); Lighting Design Alliance, Long Beach, Calif. (lighting); Baab & Associates, Newport Beach, Calif. (sign submittal package); Snyder Langston, Irvine, Calif. (contractor); RGI, Corona, Calif. (dry utilities consultant); BCS, Costa Mesa, Calif. (acoustical engineer); Steven M. Hood Associates, Chino Hills, Calif. (sound consultant); Zeiser Kling Consultants Inc., Costa Mesa, Calif. (geotechnical consultant); Roofing Forensics, Yorba Linda, Calif. (roofing consultants); Orlando Engineering, Chino Hills, Calif. (steel detailing); ORCO Block, Southern California (steel detailing)

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