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NADEL ARCHITECTS * ONE WESTSIDE * Los Angeles In the category of New Open Centers, Nadel Architects, Costa Mesa, Calif., received an Honorable Mention for its design of One Westside in Los Angeles.

How do you squeeze 92,565 sq. ft. of retail space and 200,000 sq. ft. of parking onto a 98,000 sq. ft. site? You go up, of course.

At One Westside, Nadel pulled the big-box anchors inward and turned cafes outward, leaving canopied clusters of seating along the sidewalks. A ceremonial entrance leads to a courtyard that unites the shops and the parking deck. The courtyard features a mural and an artistically embellished cylindrical elevator, as well as awnings, landscaping, seating and a serpentine pattern in the sidewalk.

A 60' glass tower embellishes one of the center's corners. With sophisticated lighting, it appears as a well-stocked aquarium, swimming with neon creatures that move in a synchronized fashion.

The building's facades feature curved forms, battered walls, expanses of imported stone and exposed street grids. The appearance of these elements varies at night thanks to creative lighting.



Costa Mesa, Calif.; Albert Croft (project architect); Norman Viray (project designer)


Los Angeles

Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: STO (exterior walls and veneer); Arcadia Manufacturing (entrances and storefronts); G.S. Roofing Products Co. (roof and 4-ply GSF system); United States Gypsum (interior walls and drywall); Sinclair (paint); Schindler (elevators and escalators)

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