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Renovated Eclosed Ceters (multi-level)

RTKL ASSOCIATES INC. RAFFLES CITY SHOPPING CENTRE * Singapore In the category of Renovated Enclosed Centers (multi-level), RTKL Associates Inc., Baltimore, was awarded the 1999 SADI for its design of Raffles City Shopping Centre in Singapore.

When RTKL Associates undertook the Raffles City project, it was with the understanding that the architectural and graphic elements it designed would be sympathetic to I.M. Pei's original design. Since the original design was monumental, highly abstract and lacking in ornamentation, the new look would have to be powerful without being overly elaborate.

In addition, the designers were charged with giving the project a street presence with inviting entrances. A system of eye-catching identity and banner pylons was designed to form an informal entrance that produces a transition from the street to the center.

The renovation added detail, which warmed the public spaces and gave them a comfortable human scale. By utilizing tenant-driven storefront design criteria, the designers added color and variety to the center's overall environment. City Square, the center court and heart of the development, is a gathering place for cultural and entertainment events. A grand stage serves as a platform for speakers and entertainers. When not in use, the stage converts into a fountain with dancing jets of water.

While City Square reflects the culture and energy of Singapore, the Water Court and Garden Court reflect the region's natural beauty. The Water Court includes water features and greenscaping. In the Garden Court, combinations of greenscaping and architectural materials create a lush, "living" environment. Bulkheads and handrails in both courts have subtle patterns and colors.

The designers were asked to avoid literal interpretation of traditional elements. These traditions were to serve as inspiration only, in hopes of developing a more abstract expression. The result is a project with a clean, simple design that combines graphics and architecture in keeping with the boldness and historical significance of the original building.



Sudhakar Thakurdesai AIA (senior vice president-in-charge); Jay Clark AIA (vice president and project manager); Katherine J. Sprague (vice president-in-charge, theming and environmental graphics); Kevin Horn (associate vice president, lead designer, theming and environmental graphics); Vincent Zawodny (associate vice president, project designer); Ernesto Zabarte (associate, project designer); Michael Hiett (project design team); Randy Galang (associate, project design team); Gantcho Batcharkov (project design team)



Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: Architects 61, Singapore (associate architect); CMP Consultants Pte. Ltd., Singapore (associate engineer); Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey, Singapore (quantity surveyor); SLA Studio Land Inc., Irvine, Calif. (landscape); Fribel International, Berkeley, Calif. (terrazzo); Theo Kondos, New York (lighting); William Armstrong Lighting Design, New York (lighting); Wet Design, Universal City, Calif. (fountain); Takenaka Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore (contractor); Richmond International, Hong Kong (interior design)

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