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Whether it's time to replace an aging, leaking roof or build a new retail facility, your choice of roofing is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Looked at the condition of your roof lately? If not, go check and see what the passage of time and the elements have done to this most important component of a shopping center and/or freestanding retail facility. If you don't like what you see up on the roof - call one of the retail roofing leaders listed in this section for their products and expertise.

Reducing seam failure Indianapolis-based North American Roofing Systems has provided roofing products and systems installation to the retail industry since 1979. According to Jim Conner, president of sales and marketing, the company's client list includes The Mills Corp., Federal Realty, Acadia Realty, Noddle Development, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, and AMF Bowling Centers.

North American Roofing Systems' patented Adhered Perma-Lok (APL) EPDM roofing system utilizes a fastening system that does not require penetration of the EPDM roofing membrane, Connor notes. "Additionally, the APL system is designed to utilize EPDM sheets up to 50 feet wide to decrease the number of seams," he says. "This dramatically reduces the potential for seam failure and insures long-term serviceable system life."

An eye for appearance Founded in 1965 as a metal service center to the architectural metal industry, Chicago-based Petersen Aluminum Corp. features a product line including SNAP-CLAD[R] Panels, which incorporate architectural panel aesthetics as well as structural panel performance, according to Marketing Manager Blake Batkoff.

"Development Design Group Inc. recently completed the Cascades Town Center in Sterling (Ill.)," reports Batkoff. "And, they specified Snap-Clad because of its superior weather tightness - as well as its aesthetics," he notes. With a 1-3/4-inch high rib panel with an interlocking seam, Snap-Clad can be installed on roofs 2:12 or greater, and requires no field seaming, says Batkoff. As a result, "Rayco Roof Services (the project's roofing contractor) was able to continuously install panels without the delay of installing a batten," he recounts, "providing a labor savings to the owner and roofing contractor."

Pac-Clad is a full Kynar 500 finish covered by a non-prorated 20-year warranty, according to Batkoff. Additionally, "Petersen Aluminum recognizes that visual merchandising is important to keep customers coming back and feeling comfortable while shopping," he notes. The company offers 30 standard colors in steel and 20 colors in aluminum and a complete technical staff available to answer questions.

Economic membranes Denver-based Johns Manville Corp. (JM) is a full-line supplier of commercial and industrial products to the roofing industry. Says Marketing Manager Joe Stassi. "We offer complete roofing systems, inclusive of all products from the deck up, all under one guarantee."

JM has completed projects all over the world for owners and contractors, notes Stassi, and sells its products through approved distributors as well as direct to contractors. In the current-business department, JM was in the process of completing the Discover Mills project in the Atlanta area as of December 2000.

"The Discover Mills project consisted of 1.1 million ft. of mechanically fastened SR-50 (50 mil PVC) membrane over 2-inch ISO 1 Isocyanurate insulation," says Stassi. Also, JM has completed numerous Target stores in 2000, he reports, with these 150,000 sq. ft. projects incorporating mechanically fastened SR-60 (60 mill PVC) over varying thicknesses of ISO 1.

"The products JM offers are UltraGard SR-50, 60 and 80 as well as V-2 50 and 60," he says. "These single-ply membranes are included in the fastest-growing segment of the industrial/commercial market. The UltraGard SR membranes are highly reflective and are "Energy Star" rated. Not only are the membranes environmentally friendly but they can be maintained easily by the building owner."

The SR-50 is JM's most economical membrane, and isocyanurate insulation provides the best "bang for the buck" for keeping buildings cool in summer or heated in the winter, says Stassi. "This material is designed for all building structures, whether malls, strip centers or freestanding structures," he says. "This material has been used on many Wal-Mart stores in new construction applications. It allows for fewer construction days to complete the roof, permitting the building to be built with maximum speed and efficiency, and thus allowing the doors to open sooner."

Snow guards ins and outs "Snow Brakes" are snow guards made by Berger Bros. Co. Manufactured in a clear polycarbonate to offer protection with an out-of-sight look, these devices are attached to sloped roofing surfaces, and are designed to prevent mass quantities of snow and ice from avalanching off of the roof, says Michael Pietrzak, technical sales coordinator for the Feasterville, Pa.-based company.

"When snow and ice have accumulated on a sloped roof, the rise in the outdoor temperature and the heat generated by the building itself can cause the snow and ice to melt," explains Pietrzak. This melting process causes a film of water to develop between the snow/ice and the roof's surface. The water acts as a lubricant, making it easy for the snow and ice to fall quickly and abruptly in one big release, e.g., "avalanching."

"Snow guards break the fall and hold the snow and ice on the roof," says Pietrzak. They enable the snow to fall off the roof in small amounts, or even melt completely on the roof's surface. In addition, he notes, snow guards help to evenly distribute the weight of the snow and ice on the roof, alleviating what can be a damaging situation.

"It is important to note that snow guards are primarily intended to prevent bodily injury and, therefore, are a must on any commercial or industrial facility which generates pedestrian traffic," notes Pietrzak.

A variety of snow guards are available from Berger Bros. They attach to the surface of a roof in many ways, "most of which do not penetrate the roof surface." The best time to install snow guards is when the roof is being installed, Pietrzak says.

Standing seam roof One well-known standing seam metal roof system recently paired up with an innovative load-bearing precast concrete wall panel system to create the shell for Lake Charles (La.) Power Centre, a 121,450 sq. ft. strip center developed by a partnership led by Derek Development Corp. of Lafayette, La. The technologies enable the project to be completed faster and at less cost than conventional systems would have allowed, according to a case study prepared by Kansas City, Mo.-based Butler Manufacturing Co.

At this shopping center, Butler's Delta Joist[TM] building and roof support system, along with its MR-24[R] standing seam metal roof, were combined with WaffleCrete[TM] precast concrete walls in an overall building system created by the center's builder, Lafayette-based Alfred Miller Contracting.

"The advantages of combining these two proprietary construction systems pared an estimated three months off the schedule and saved $300,000, compared to the masonry and bar joist construction originally intended for the center," says Richard Nelson, a principal with the Atlanta-based architectural firm Corcoran, Nelson, Nardone & Associates Inc.

Lake Charles Power Centre is part of a 100-acre tract located at Highway 14 and Interstate 210 in Lake Charles. Its tenant mix includes Goody's Family Clothing, Gateway Computers, Old Navy, Michael's Arts & Crafts, Shoe Carnival, One Price Clothing, Bath & Body Works, and Dress Barn, along with several smaller shops. Parcels developed earlier on the site now contain a Super Wal-Mart, a United Artists 10-screen movie theater, Circuit City, Lowe's, Copeland's of New Orleans, Outback Steakhouse and Logan's Roadhouse. Blockbuster Video is currently under construction and Academy Sports and Outdoors is scheduled for construction start in early 2001.

Faced with a tight construction schedule mandated by the occupancy dates for the major leases, Philip Miller, vice president of Alfred Miller Contracting (a Butler Builder[R]) came up with the solution of applying Butler's joist and standing-seam metal roof system with the load-bearing walls comprised of WaffleCrete lightweight, precast concrete panel system. Miller now markets the system as UNIBOX.[TM]

"The engineering mimics automobile unibody design in that the entire exterior shell of the building serves as a unified structural element," according to Nelson. "Unlike solid tilt-up, precast concrete panels or unit masonry, the 8-inch thick, 5000 psi wall panels that Alfred Miller Contracting produces in the WaffleCrete forms feature a 2-inch solid face with a waffle pattern cast into the back side between 6-inch full-depth ribs."

Specialty systems Although most often identified with pre-engineered metal buildings and high-performance standing seam metal roof systems, Butler also offers a number of specialty building systems developed for niche applications. These include Delta Joist[TM], a unique building and roof support subsystem that enables Butler's MR-24[R] standing seam metal roof system to be used on load-bearing hardwall construction. The joist system preserves the MR-24 roof's fastening and engineering features that enable the installed roof to accept thermal expansion and contraction.

"Delta Joist resembles a lightweight, three-dimensional structural joist that serves as a dual-purpose alternative to traditional bar joist," says Nelson. "Unlike bar joists, Delta Joist can carry both the vertical load imposed by the roof and the horizontal load that would otherwise require a steel roof deck to achieve lateral stability."

The architect notes that developers need to assess standing seam metal roof systems differently than built up or other conventional roofing types.

"MR-24 initially can be a more expensive roof but not on the basis of life-cycle costs," says Nelson. "When used with the hardwall system, you can achieve a stable and efficient building solution with this roof," he adds.

Metal roofing Formerly American Buildings Roofing & Architectural Products, Eufaula, Ala.-based Architectural Metal Systems (AMS) was founded in 1947 and is currently the leading manufacturer of metal roof systems for both retrofit and new construction, according to General Manager Jim Robinson.

Markets for AMS roofing products include commercial, industrial and institutional type buildings, notes Robinson. "AMS metal roofing systems offer shopping centers and freestanding retail outlets unusual durability and long life, along with reduced insurance costs over other systems," he notes. "Life-cycle costs are the lowest of any materials, and these roofs can be warranted for 20 years (including materials and labor)."

The promise of superior performance backed by a strong weathertightness warranty recently sold computer supply retailer CompUSA on an AMS standing seam roof system for its new Tallahassee outlet, says Robinson. The resulting 27,000 sq. ft. roof also won a national Architectural Roofing Award for the roofing contractor, Tallahassee-based Sperry & Associates Inc.

"Sperry (who was also the general contractor for the CompUSA building itself) persuaded the owners, who were worried about the possibility of roof leaks, to upgrade the roof from a modified bitumen system to a Galvalume Standing Seam II system by AMS, backed with a 20-year weathertightness warranty covering labor and materials," recounts Robinson.

In the retrofit department, "Almost since its opening in 1963, the 95,000 sq. ft. former Treasure Island department store at West College Plaza in Appleton, Wis., was plagued with roof leaks," says Robinson. Now being renovated by new owners, "the structure is weathertight at last, thanks to a metal standing seam roof," he notes.

The new roof, a Standing Seam II system by Architectural Metal Systems, was recently installed by Keller Structures Inc. of Kaukauna, Wis., for owner U.S. Oil Co., reports Robinson. "The new roof, of aluminum-coated steel, was installed with a system of light-gauge structural to increase the roof pitch to 1/4:12," he says, replacing an "especially flat" existing system.

Like all retrofits, this project presented challenges. "In installing the new roof, Keller removed two previous roofs and added six inches worth of batt insulation and a vented attic," recalls Robinson. In addition to the roof, "Keller installed a metal mansard-like facade around the roof edges, using AMS Loc Seam standing seam panels," he notes.

Tiles and shingles "Products manufactured from a lighter gauge metal provide the most economical solution for roofs, mansards or facades," according to Jim Bush, sales manager for ATAS International Inc., an Allentown, Pa.-based manufacturer of metal roof systems and wall panels. "Metal roofing is a long-term investment," he adds, "that will provide a durable, low-maintenance appearance for many years."

ATAS products are specified for several national retail chains, including Staples, Dunkin' Donuts and Blinds to Go, says Bush. The newest products from ATAS include CASTLETOP, a diamond-shaped, flat metal tile, and ADVANTA shingles, which give the appearance of traditional asphalt shingles. Prepunched holes facilitate correct fastening of the panels. CASTLETOP is "ideal for commercial applications," says Bush, "and colors can be mixed and matched to provide for an eye-catching roof, with all the advantages of metal."

Service niche filled In 1992, Marina del Rey, Calif.-based Pegnato & Pegnato Building Systems Services got its start when company principals saw an unfilled niche in the commercial roofing marketplace, according to company Operations Vice President Bill Baley.

"We saw a need for a roofing service contractor that would service the roof repair needs of retailers and property managers across the country," recounts Baley. "We envisioned a company that would provide purely service and response, but no re-roofing work," he says. "We would use our own people - no subcontractors - and would document the work we did in writing, along with photographic evidence of the before-and-after roof problem repair." The idea behind this concept, adds Baley, "was to allow a facility or property manager to see their roof problems, and the repairs performed, without having to visit numerous sites."

The concept has caught on well, notes Baley. "Our customers include Wal-Mart, Pep Boys, Toys-R-Us, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Family Dollar Stores, Garden Ridge, Kimco Property Management, CB Richard Ellis, Konover Properties."

The service provided by Pegnato & Pegnato "gives property owners and managers the opportunity to look at alternatives to re-roofing," he notes. "If a roof can get one more year of performance before needing to be replaced, the owner can better budget for that replacement," says Baley. For retailers, "Getting one last year out of a roof can be a critical financial decision, if they are planning to move to a new location, or have neared the end of a lease. not want to have to re-roof to get through that last year."

Company Architectural Metal Systems (AMS) 1150 State Docks Road Eufaula, AL 36027 Telephone: (888) 621-5020 Fax: (334) 687-9297

Product Standing Seam metal roof system design, engineering and fabrication. The AMS Standing Seam II system panels have a 2-in. high (3-in. high with center seam) by 4-3/4-in. wide ribs on 24-in. centers. Net width coverage is 2 ft., standard panel length is 45 ft., with longer lengths available on request. Panels are 24- or 22-gauge 5,000 psi steel.

Cost-Effectiveness "AMS metal roofing systems offer shopping centers and freestanding retail outlets unusual durability and long life, along with reduced insurance costs over other systems. Life-cycle costs are the lowest of any materials, and these roofs can be warranted for 20 years (including materials and labor)," according to General Manager Jim Robinson.

Company ATAS International Inc. 6612 Snowdrift Road Allentown, PA 18106 Telephone: (610) 395-8445 Fax: (610) 395-9342

Product PermaShake, a simulated shake panel, and Standing Seam shingle, a 3-ft. or 5-ft. standing seam panel, "offers an attractive alternative to the more expensive wood shake or custom-length standing seam panel," according to information from ATAS International.

Cost-Effectiveness "Products manufactured from a lighter gauge metal provide the most economical solution for roofs, mansards or facades," says Sales Manager Jim Bush. "Metal roofing is a long-term investment that will provide a durable, low-maintenance appearance for many years."

Company Berger Bros. Co. 805 Pennsylvania Blvd. Feasterville, Pa. 19053 Telephone: (800) 523-8852 Fax: (215) 355-7738

Product Snow Guards are devices attached to sloped roofing surfaces that prevent mass quantities of snow and ice from avalanching all at once off of the roof. Can be installed on any sloped roof surface. Manufactured in a clear polycarbonate to offer out-of-sight protection.

Cost-Effectiveness "Snow Guards help to prevent injury and damage to objects below a sloped roof surface, including pedestrians, parked and moving vehicles and expensive landscaping," says Michael Pietrzak, technical sales coordinator. "Snow Guards are a practical preventative measure that can save money on costly insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits."

Company Butler Manufacturing Co. BMA Tower, Penn Valley Park Kansas City, MO 64108 Telephone: (816) 968-3000

Product The MR-24[R] standing seam metal roof system is designed to accommodate roof movement by means of a special clip and tab assembly formed into the double-lock seam. Because the tab can move within the clip, the entire roof can expand and contract freely without sacrificing structural integrity. Butler's exclusive Pittsburgh double-lock standing seam assures consistent weather-tight performance.

Cost-Effectiveness "MR-24 initially can be a more expensive roof, but not on the basis of life-cycle costs," according to architect Richard Nelson, principal with Atlanta-based Corcoran, Nelson, Nardone & Associates Inc.

Company Johns Manville Corp. Product Information Center P.O. Box 5108 Denver, CO 80217-5108 Telephone: (800) 654-3103 (303) 978-4900 (outside the U.S.) Fax: (303) 978-2318

Product Mechanically fastened UltraGard SR-50 (50 mil PVC) over a designated thickness of Isocyanurate high-thermal insulation.

Cost-Effectiveness "This mechanically fastened system is very cost-effective," says Marketing Manager Joe Stassi. "We have attained Factory Mutual (FM) ratings of 1-90, with fastener spacing 12 in. on center, making the system less labor-intensive. The SR-50 is the most economical membrane and isocyanurate insulation is the best bang for the buck to keep the building cooled in the summer or heated in the winter."

Company North American Roofing Systems 6151 West 80th Street Indianapolis, IN 46278-1344 Telephone: (800) 876-5602 Fax: (317) 872-8253

Product The patented Adhered Perma-Lok EPDM Roofing System utilizes a state-of-the-art fastening system that does not require penetrating the EPDM roofing membrane with fasteners.

Cost-Effectiveness "The Adhered Perma-Lok EPDM Roofing System is a high-quality, cost-effective installation for retail big-box and distribution centers and an attractive choice for recover installations on existing facilities," says Jim Conner, president of sales and marketing. "A retail recover operation, 50,000 sq. ft. or larger, averages less than $2 per sq. ft. with a 15-year warranty."

Company Pegnato & Pegnato Building Systems Services National Response Center 310 Washington Blvd., Suite P-205 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Telephone: (800) 435-8216 Fax: (800) 755-3820

Product Servicing the roofing inspect-and-repair needs of retailers and property managers nationwide. All repair work documented in writing and with before-and-after photography.

Cost-Effectiveness "Our service and response program offers retail owners and managers the opportunity to look at alternatives to re-roofing," says Operations Vice President Bill Baley. "If a roof can get one more year of performance before needing to be replaced, the owner can better budget for that replacement."

Company Petersen Aluminum Corp. 1005 Tonne Road Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Telephone: (800) PAC-CLAD Fax: (800) 722-7150

Product SNAP-CLAD[R] Panels feature architectural panel aesthetics as well as structural panel performance. SNAP-CLAD Panels, produced in continuous lengths, are tension-leveled to provide superior flatness and feature an optional factory-applied sealant bead for improved weather resistance. The minimum panel length is 4 ft. SNAP-CLAD is a 1-3/4-in. high rib panel with an interlocking seam, can be installed on roofs 2:12 or greater, and requires no field seaming.

Cost-Effectiveness "In addition to our Chicago-based headquarters, we maintain production facilities in Annapolis Junction, Md.; Tyler, Texas; and Kennesaw, Ga.," says Marketing Manager Blake Batkoff. "Roll-formers produce panels that have been Herr-Voss corrective leveled which provides superior flatness. Our in-line leveling process results in a roofing panel with superior flatness and without the `oil-canning' effect visible on many roofing projects. "

Company Safe Roof Systems Inc. P.O. Box 658 Mattapoisett, MA 02739 (508) 748-1500 Fax: (508) 758-4710

Product DMD 1000 system uses a patented laser device and receiver to detect even slight distortions in a roof's shape. Any sag to the roof interrupts the laser beam and triggers an alarm.

Cost-Effectiveness An installation at a Showcase Cinema theater in Manchester, Conn., saved the facility more than $1 million in damage avoided after a winter storm, related President & CEO Jeff Canty in a Specifiers Guide story in the November 2000 issue of SCW. " ... the monitoring system provided the cinema manager with the needed information ... to rectify the problem before it became catastrophic," wrote Eliot Finn, senior project manager for Showcase Cinemas to Canty.

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