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Taubman unveils "drive and shop" packages

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. -- The travel industry is experiencing a change in the travel patterns of Americans in light of the recent events. One key change is the increase in the number of leisure travelers who plan to use their cars as the preferred mode of transportation during this holiday season.

As Americans take to the open road to reach their travel destinations,Taubman Centers Inc., owner and manager of 31 shopping centers, has developed and introduced the new "Drive and Shop" travel packages that will be available across the country at a variety of its shopping centers. The packages combine shopping, accommodations and entertainment.

"Based on recent travel indicators, we believe that many Americans will re-discover the fun of traveling by car and will also want to enjoy new and exciting activities when they reach their destinations," says Karen Mac Donald, director of communications for Taubman Centers. "Our new 'Drive and Shop' program offers affordable accommodations, incredible retail savings and other special vacation options in all inclusive packages."

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