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CommArts, Inc.
1112 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(t) 303-447-8202
(f) 303-440-7096
Location: Miami, Florida

Size: 1.4 million sq. ft.

Category: New Centers
(more than 1 million sq. ft.)

Firm: Beame Architectural Partnership

Developer/Owner: Taubman Company; Michael Swerdlow Companies

Dolphin Mall is composed of three distinct neighborhoods, each telling a story of the unique character and identify of Miami. The entertainment neighborhood is the Ramblas, inspired by the energy, color and festive spirit which lives in the streets of Miami, the undisputed capital of Latin America. The Moda is the fashion zone, where the mood is cool, simple and elegant. The signature Miami experience, that of the beach and the oceanfront, is reflected in the third zone, the Playa. The unique qualities of each zone are carefully highlighted and balanced in this project to mirror the culture of the city.

The materials used in this project reflect the moods and energy of the neighborhoods. Ramblas features stained, dyed and integrally colored concrete to create an outdoor street feel, while smooth and textured gypsum wallboard forms create the building faades within the neighborhood. Custom carpet patterns and stained concrete were used in Playa to create the look and feel of a sand beach and boardwalk, as large fiberglass "towels" hover above Playa storefront entries. Moda features translucent fabrics, mirrors and white terrazzo flooring to reflect the high style of Miami.


TAGS: Development
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