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Cooper Carry, Inc.
3520 Piedmont Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
(t) 404-237-2000
(f) 404-237-0276
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Size: 140,000 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Centers

Firm: Cooper Carry, Inc.

Urban Retail Properties

Years of phased development left this 40-year old mall with an outdated look. The renovation of Penn Square Mall focused on re-imaging the interior environment to support the center's prominence in the Oklahoma City market. Rich materials, grand moldings and trim, detailed metal work, feature lighting, faux paint finishes and upscale amenities were introduced. Replacing the ornamental guardrails and refinishing the floors, built-in planters and platforms were significant cost items, but they delivered a major design impact.

The focus of the common mall renovation is the center court. The volume of the space was not altered, but details and finishes were added to re-character the space as a grand center court. The focal point is a choreographed fountain that interacts with both levels of the mall. The fountain performs a tribal dance, complete with bolts of water that shoot 50 feet in the air and clouds made by steam.

The renovation of the 20,000 sq. ft. food court significantly altered its appearance. The design goal was to create an upscale dining experience through vivid and varied materials and details that break down the scale of the "dining hall" atmosphere to create a "restaurant" environment. The existing food court was completely gutted to make way for a new stainless steel, wood and glass feature screen that slices the food court seating area on a diagonal. The feature screen breaks the dining area into more intimate seating areas while maintaining visibility from any seat in the food court.


TAGS: Development
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