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FRCH Design Worldwide
311 Elm Street
Suite 600
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(t) 513-362-3441
(f) 513-241-5015
Location: Newport, Kentucky

Size: 30,000 sq. ft.

Category: New Retail Stores
(5,000 sq. ft. or more)

Firm: FRCH Design Worldwide

Developer/Owner: Project Partners

The IMAX Theatre at Newport-on-the-Levee was conceived as part of the entertainment component of this new open-air mixed-use village. The theatre was designed to incorporate the look of high-tech materials and imagery that complimented the cutting-edge IMAX film technology. The IMAX Theatre serves as the high-tech metal "tool shed" of what is a "brick warehouse district" themed project.

The silver metal surfaces, curvilinear forms and angular patterns that characterize the project all suggest the movement of the film through the projector. Circulation through the IMAX Theatre is a series of compressions through narrow openings that expand into large volumes, which heighten the effect of the three-story lobby and the five-story movie screen. The theme of the architecture is also echoed through the design of the signage and wayfinding systems, featuring large "billboard" signage and super-scale wall graphics on the exterior and a high-tech identity sign system on the interior.


TAGS: Development
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