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RTKL International Ltd.
One South Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(t) 410-528-8600
(f) 410-385-2455
Location: Madeira, Portugal

Size: 284,620 sq. ft.

Category: New Centers
(less than 400,000 sq. ft.)

Firm: RTKL International Ltd.

Developer/Owner: Sonae Imobiliaria

MadeiraShopping takes advantage of the spectacular natural scenery of Madeira, offering visitors a place to shop and be entertained while taking in the dramatic sea views. The project arises out of the team's vision to create the building, positioned as it is on a mountainside, as a series of landscaped terraces. Primary public spaces are positioned to benefit from prime waterfront views. Restaurants and catering are strategically located on indoor and outdoor terrace spaces, many spilling out to decked verandas with umbrella seating and exquisite panoramas.

The integration of greenery and the natural carries through the environmental graphics design, from paving patterns to handrails to directories. Metal palms rise from the mall floor, progress up the western wall, pierce the glazing and end outside above the roofline. Inside, mall furniture and wayfinding signs take on aspects of plants and growth. Freestanding directories are fabricated in the form of a cactus. Three distinctive flower motifs identify areas of the mall. Paving patterns feature flower petals strewn over a background of a tile grid with contrasting areas of terrazzo executed in ivory and black. The result is a retail and leisure destination unlike any other in the area.


TAGS: Development
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