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FRCH Design Worldwide
311 Elm Street
Suite 600
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(t) 513-362-3441
(f) 513-241-5015
Location: The Woodlands Mall
Houston, Texas

Size: 1,300 sq. ft.

Category: New Retail Stores
(less than 5,000 sq. ft.)

Firm: FRCH Design Worldwide

Gadzooks, Inc.

Orchid is a fashion forward, trend-driven retail destination for females 14-22. It is "the place" to shop for intimate apparel, loungewear and fragrance for younger women. The marketplace is currently devoid of a specialty store dedicated to providing innerwear to young women within this age bracket. Orchid fills the niche by providing branded and private label innerwear, sleepwear, fragrance, and bath and body products all intended to inspire the younger consumer.

Orchid's storefront is a juxtaposition of young femininity and trend eye candy. The floral shadow boxes and soft colors are contrasted against the carved wood doors, ever-changing lightbox, and audio/video imagery. Merchandise is highlighted through the use of backlit drapery and dramatic overscaled frame units. Lighting plays a dramatic role in the store, offering a younger edge and vibe. The lighting, drama, and merchandise stories all collaborate to help the consumer understand "the art of feeling pretty."

Orchid stores range in size from 900-1200 square feet. The concept initially opened with four stores: one in Dallas, two in Houston, and one in Louisiana.


TAGS: Development
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