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Total Retail Group
536 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(t) 650-327-7140
(f) 650-327-6634
Location: Columbus, Ohio

Size: 2,735 sq. ft.

Category: New Retail Stores
(less than 5,000 sq. ft.)

Firm: Total Retail Group

Developer/Owner: Rob Rubenstein

The store balances industrial imagery (targeting the teen and adult market) and cartoon imagery (targeting the youth market). The design concept avoids stereotypical factory images such as gears, springs and mechanical arms. Instead, the look of the store is generated by the functionality of the store's equipment: pipes and tubes, flanges, bolts and 1-1/2" diameter round-punched perforated metal.

The old-fashioned factory storefront welcomes customers with an entry portal of large, brightly colored tubes in yellow, orange and raspberry red. Throughout the store, high-gloss, brightly painted PVC tubes come out of brick walls and travel along the ceiling with backlit copper, powder-coated perforated metal against real and faux concrete and natural MDF panels. Wall cases look like part of the wall with old brick paper behind a powder-coated grid system. Fixtures and props are integrated into the shell and functional elements are turned into low cost props.

The vinyl sales floor is finished in three warm colors that weave and curve throughout the store. Signage was developed for each station, and sepia-toned graphics of happy bear owners with their bears add to the fun. An easy-to-understand path of travel directs and entertains customers through the assembly stations and into the retail sales area. Stations include a bear selection area, the heart station with five different hearts and messages, the voice station with an electronic 12-voice listening system, the fluffing station with customer activated compressed air "bear cleaning," and the registration area with computer stations to create bear "birth certificates."


TAGS: Development
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