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RTKL International Ltd.
One South Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(t) 410-528-8600
(f) 410-385-2455
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Size: 2,163,642 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Centers

Firm: RTKL International Ltd.

Plaza Las Americas, Inc.

The goals of a recent expansion and renovation of Plaza Las AmŽricas were basic: Maintain or enhance the center's dominant position in the market; bring cohesion to the center's patchwork of past renovations; and solidify its dominant position by attracting upper-scale tenants who appeal to the island's growing affluent population.

The L-shape of the center was extended into a square donut, so that consumers could shop in a loop, avoiding dead-ends. Each concourse sports a simple, shallow vaulted ceiling, a unifying design motif throughout. Subtle changes in floor paving colors and patterns give each area a distinct, yet integrated, character. The JC Penney court, for instance, evokes a tropical rainforest. Here, paving medallions celebrate the coqui frogs and parrots native to the island. Other motifs highlighting regional climate and culture include a palm-lined, second-level arcade, inspired by the streets of "Old San Juan."

The center was enhanced by an entirely new, comprehensive identity package of environmental graphics. Site directionals, primary building identity and a program of playful graphic glyphs were introduced not only to contribute to an overall sense of place, but to help shoppers navigate and locate amenities within the retail space. Landscaping and exterior lighting around several major entrances were significantly enhanced as well.


TAGS: Development
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