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Toys 'R' Us, Times Square
New York, New York

Size: 2,000 sq. ft.

Category: New Restaurants

Firm: FRCH Design Worldwide

The Pepsi-Cola Company

Toys 'R' Us has partnered with a number of international brands to create a series of must-see attractions at their new complex on Times Square, one of which is Pepsi World. Designers partnered with PepsiCo to create a three-dimensional Pepsi brand experience within the complex where "Pepsi Factory" meets "hi-tech playground." Located high above the major selling floors, the experience begins with an elevator ride to a floating platform that has been transformed into The World's Largest Soda Fountain.

A Pepsi-matic industrial aesthetic was modeled from factory elements comprised of pipes, valves and HVAC ducts. All materials are shiny and reflective. Spiral ductwork, cast iron valves and recycled plastic exchange surfaces express youth and technology, which appeal to Pepsi's target audience.

The translucent fabric sculpture "punch bowl" is the focal feature and anchor for the Pepsi fountain dispensing stations and becomes the background for a giant light show. Each dispensing station includes a LCD monitor featuring the latest Pepsi celebrities and lifestyle trends. Also included on the platform are Frito-Lay and Breyers Ice Cream stations. The Pepsi bottle-cap stools are also a fun interpretation of the brand. The "Pepsi Live Stage" is the space to introduce one-of-a-kind product launches by popular sports and entertainment stars. When not live, the stage provides kids a photo opportunity with some pop culture heroes -- Britney Spears, Jeff Gordon and Sammy Sosa.


TAGS: Development
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