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CREATE Architecture
Planning & Design

405 Lexington Ave.
Floor 70
New York, NY 10174
(t) 212-297-0880
(f) 212-297-0899
Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Size: 650,000 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Centers

CREATE Architecture Planning & Design

PREIT-Rubin, Inc.

North Dartmouth Mall was a diamond in the rough requiring market repositioning and a total design overhaul. Faced with this task and challenging budget constraints, CREATE Architecture achieved a complete renovation of the mall at $12,000 under the construction budget, all without sacrificing the nautically "inspired" design intent.

Natural and artificial lighting play a prominent role in the renovation of the center. New vaulted ceilings are illuminated by fluorescent up-lights hidden in drop "clouds" of gypsum board used to conceal existing ductwork and sprinkler mains. The new food court is constructed of corrugated metal and wood-simulated vinyl wall covering. The food court ceiling is exposed, painted marine blue and draped in wire mesh, allowing for the interplay of fiber-optic "waves" above diners. New flooring patterned in white and soft blue tile is laid in a 30/60 degree angle at "Virtual North" to help hide the mall's drastically sloped floor. Completely refurbished entrances feature 58' soaring, self-sustaining masts supporting canti-levered, polycarbonate-covered trusses. Lastly, a new center court was built featuring a fountain and stage.


TAGS: Development
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