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Engstrom Design Group
1201 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
(t) 415-454-2277
(f) 415-454-2278
Tampa, Florida

Size: 3,500 sq. ft.

Category: New Restaurants

Firm: Engstrom Design Group

Nordstrom, Inc.

The Cafe Bistro features an active display kitchen and a 120-seat dining area that integrates with Nordstrom's most contemporary new stores. Born out of the specialty retailer's goal to elevate its in-store foodservice options, the cafe is a casual, family oriented dining experience that addresses the sophistication of Nordstrom's shoppers.

The display kitchen provides a dramatic visual connection to the food while reducing the square footage required for in-store restaurants. The counter in front of the cookline serves as a multi-function area where customers order and dine, waiters pick up entrees, and desserts are prepared and showcased.

The interior has a graphic freshness that integrates closely with menu graphics and signage, and that complements an affordable and contemporary bistro menu. Bold colors, organic shapes and natural materials reinforce the idea of fresh, high-quality food that's available fast. A curving tendril motif on the floor leads the way to different dining areas. Custom lighting, sofalike seating and a neutral palette of colors punctuated with color contribute to a sense of energy and drama. Venting hoods installed above the cookline keep food aromas inside the restaurant and off the retail sales floor.

TAGS: Development
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