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Little & Associates Architects
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Charlotte, NC 28217
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Size: 58,000 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Retail Stores

Firm: Little & Associates Architects

Harris Teeter Inc.

The design mission was to create a supermarket that would be the client's flagship store -- appealing to the surrounding upscale neighborhoods while integrating the area's premier wine store. The objectives of the renovation were to occupy a non-operating 58,000 sq. ft. supermarket space, use existing locations of case line-ups and cooler boxes, and upgrade the store while eliminating any traces of the previous tenant. All project phases had to be completed in just four months.

With the design of the Harris Teeter, Little & Associates has created an unparalleled shopping experience. Vistas reveal entryways to the wine shop, fresh produce "market" and the general grocery area for maximum visual impact upon entering the store. Stand-alone walk-in freezers are connected with a trellis system, transforming them into a unique decorative structure. All signage and architectural elements incorporate the same detail, style, colors, language and finishes.

Materials used in the project include overscale residential wood trim and molding to drive the store's classical design intent. Flooring material in the main grocery is vinyl tile, with simulated hardwood in the wine store and non-slip tile in the fresh produce "market." Inlay laser-cut designs decorate the entry and exit to the store, and the back of the wine shop. Columns and drywall bulkheads with wood trim are incorporated throughout to reflect a common design theme.

TAGS: Development
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