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Callison Architecture, Inc.
1420 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2400
Seattle, WA 98101
(t) 206-623-4646
(f) 206-623-4625
Location: London, England

Size: 5,000 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Retail Stores

Firm: Callison Architecture, Inc.

Developer/Owner: Harrods Ltd.

Harrods is listed with English Heritage as a 19th Century, Grade 2 Star building for its historical significance. The key to the renovation was to achieve the perfect balance of restoring the Harrods tradition while incorporating a modern retail environment, ideal for contemporary fashion designers.

The project team highlighted the store's original architecture and period details as the central concept behind the renovation. To accomplish this, previously concealed design elements, such as columns and ceiling detail, were uncovered and assigned the same creamy, white color palette. The original 19th Century plaster molds were used to recreate ceiling details. To create consistency, a mosaic of accent patterns was defined and implemented into the vestibules along the main circulation path that announces the beginning of each room.

New canopies, designed to bring focus to merchandise, are fitted with uplights to highlight the ceiling. The team saw the windows as an underutilized design attribute that could enhance the ambiance of the room and strengthen the balance between prestigious designers and Harrods architecture.


TAGS: Development
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