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FRCH Design Worldwide
311 Elm Street
Suite 600
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(t) 513-362-3441
(f) 513-241-5015
Batavia, Ohio

Size: 5,511 sq. ft.

Category: New Restaurants

Firm: FRCH Design Worldwide

Developer/Owner: Frisch's

A growth strategy for entry into smaller markets and the results of primary research led to the decision to create the next generation of Big Boy restaurants, which opened in April 2001. Focus groups helped align consumer insights with concept direction to create a new, updated look while capitalizing on America's nostalgia for the Big Boy icon.

Results from initial market research emphasized the importance of an updated, fresh new look to reclaim the equity of this brand's heritage. Materials are lighter, brighter and enhance the fresh, quality food delivery. Designers responded with highly reflective surfaces, such as satin aluminum, ceramic tile, glass and bold white architecture to both refresh the interior and convey cleanliness. The architecture sets the stage for the experience from the street.

TAGS: Development
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