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RTKL International Ltd.
One South Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(t) 410-528-8600
(f) 410-385-2455
Location: Hurst, Texas

Size: 1,672,000 sq. ft.

Category: Renovated Centers

Firm: RTKL International Ltd.

Simon Property Group

The goals of the renovation of the Northeast Mall were to significantly expand the market the mall served and attract more upscale stores; continue to serve the existing clientele; and give a mall with little personality a conceptual hook and more character. The renovation significantly broadens the array of offerings available in the mall, making it as much a fashion center as a general shopping outlet. The redevelopment thus successfully reaches out to a high-scale demographic while continuing to serve the previous clientele.

Working with a restrictive budget, the design team converted the center into an eclectic garden party. By working abstractly with this concept, the team incorporated trees, grass, flowers, light and breezes to create a variety of themes and textures. With a modernist, minimalist spin, the design incorporates elements from the gardens at Versaille. Floor tiles in the food court were created from photography of grass, and the paving pattern was laid in a pattern similar to that a lawnmower would create. Mixed in, thousands of plants in terracotta pots evoke a Mediterranean village garden.

Three new parking decks carry through with the garden party design, offering shoppers their first contact with the mall's new look and feel. Incorporated into the decks are graphic patterns of trees that are both whimsical and abstract. Columns are a rich, deep green color.


TAGS: Development
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