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JGA, Inc.
29355 Northwestern Hwy.
Suite 300
Southfield, MI 48034
(t) 248-355-0890
(f) 248-351-3062
Location: Staten Island, New York

Size: 3,949 sq. ft.

Category: New Retail Stores
(less than 5,000 sq. ft.)

Firm: JGA, Inc.

Developer/Owner: Steve Mandell

The eight-step bear-making process is cleverly themed as departments within the store, such as Furn-nishings Department, Sound Studio Bee, Stuff'n Vators and Fashion Beartiques. The overall result is a colorful, easy-to-shop environment that is not too juvenile, nor too serious to appeal to bear-loving consumers. Custom merchandising collateral materials, packaging, hangers and the carry home box were also designed to reinforce the colorful bear theme.

A mosaic-blend of saturated jewel tones establishes the store's personality, while lively graphics breathe life into the brand. Bear head and paw print signature icons illustrate the unique wallpaper patterns. Iconic scrolled frame elements are used on department signs, window display shadow boxes, product displays and wash room vanity mirrors. To add a whimsical touch, fixturing is designed as furniture such as fantasy-like armoires, hutches and curios. Plush stuffing machines are disguised as grand department store elevators. To draw customers into the bear-making experience, polyfiber material is fed to stuffing machines through clear acrylic tubes that span the width of the ceiling so customers can see the filling whoosh across the store. A graphic mural at the rear of the store simulates a grand staircase that leads to the store's imaginary second level, with a bear-themed grandfather clock as the focal feature.


TAGS: Development
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