PRESS RELEASE: SL Green Recycles Big

New York, NY – SL Green Realty Corp. (NYSE:  SLG) announced today, that it has successfully recycled 164,000 square feet of carpet as part of recent tenant office construction at 100 Church Street, located in downtown Manhattan.

This achievement plays an integral part of SL Green’s ongoing commitment to recycle carpet and ceiling tile throughout its portfolio, increasing total program recycling to more than 3.2M square feet, more than 1,086 tons of waste, since its inception in 2007.  

“We are pleased with the ongoing success by SL Green’s construction team to find innovative opportunities to divert waste from landfills,” said Edward V. Piccinich, executive vice president, Management & Construction at SL Green who added, “SL Green consistently recycles materials such as scrap metal, lamps, and other construction debris during all projects.  The inclusion of carpet and ceiling tile has significantly improved project recycling by an additional 25%”

In 2007, SL Green teamed up with New Jersey based recycling contractor Carpet Cycle, who specializes in the collection/recycling of carpet and ceiling tile.  Often working closely with SL Green’s demolition contractors, Carpet Cycle collects these materials for use in new 2ndgeneration products including new ceiling tile products, car parts with recycled plastic content, and waste to energy initiatives. 

“With no impact to cost or schedule, SL Green has proven that recycling of carpet and ceiling tile can be successfully integrated within all construction projects, whether 500,  50,000, or 500,000 square feet,” said Jay Black, SL Green Director of Sustainability. “SL Green recognizes the importance of recycling, and through this significant achievement, we will continue to explore new opportunities to further reduce construction waste.”

About SL Green Realty Corp.

SL Green Realty Corp., New York City's largest office landlord, is the only fully integrated real estate investment trust, or REIT, that is focused primarily on acquiring, managing and maximizing value of Manhattan commercial properties. As of September 30, 2013, SL Green owned interests in 89 Manhattan properties totaling 42.3 million square feet. This included ownership interests in 23.9 million square feet of commercial properties and debt and preferred equity investments secured by 14.9 million square feet of properties. In addition to its Manhattan investments, SL Green holds ownership interests in 31 suburban assets totaling 5.4 million square feet in Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester County, Connecticut and New Jersey, along with three development properties in the suburbs encompassing approximately 0.4 million square feet. The Company also has ownership interests in 28 properties totaling 3.7 million square feet in southern California.




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