Honorable Mention: New Mixed-Use or Multi-Use Development

Caruso Affiliated’s first standalone residential project rises eight stories and features 87 units. Design features of the apartment tower include wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling glass, marble and metal facades, a lush podium courtyard, a penthouse pool deck and fitness area, pedestrian-friendly streetscape and a Trader Joe’s and Larder Café on the ground level

The forms and finishes of luxury yachts inspired the architectural features and oculus-penetrated cloud structure that appears to float over the building and allows sunlight to permeate its interior spaces. The design augments 360-degree view opportunities by wrapping the building surface in and around the fourth level courtyard, which is highlighted by the oculus.

Located at the confluence of major arterials, 8500 provides a site-specific mixed-use response that buffers the residents above and benefits the housing community to the west. The mix of uses was carefully considered to provide visibility to the retail components of the project while affording privacy to residents. The primary residential entrance and valet parking orient to existing housing on the west side. Retail parking is separated from residential and elevators provide direct shopper access.


Project Name: 8500

Location: Los Angeles

Size: 111,148 sq. ft.

Architect: McLarand Vasquez Emsiek & Partners Inc.

Developer/Owner: Caruso Affiliated

Consultants & Contractors: Hetzel Design, Bernards Builders, Lifescapes International, BAMO, Waldo's Designs


TAGS: News Retail
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