A.K. Rikk’s

A.K. Rikk’s—a men’s clothier located in Grand Rapids, Mich., with a 23-year history—was ready for a new and updated space. The resulting redesign incorporates more outside light and adds outdoor patios. It is also a redesign that allows the store to evolve. Display cases, windows, lights and other features are all adaptable. For instance, each display case and chandelier has LED lighting that can be changed to more than 3 million colors. Jurors thought the space “exuded elegance” and is an “appropriate celebration” of the region. Within the updated design, a 2,800-sq.-ft. suit room pays homage to the store’s tradition and features a look  that’s distinct from the rest of the center. In addition to the retail space, there are areas devoted to the community, including a classroom behind the retail space on the store’s second floor. There is also an event space in the back of the store that carries over to an outside park. This indoor/outdoor space can be used to host myriad events, including private parties, pop-up stores, conventions and local benefits.

Project Name
A.K. Rikk’s

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Square Footage

Visbeen Associates

Urban Renaissance Group; A.K. Rikk’s

Architect of Record
Landmark Design Group

Interior Design
Jeffery Roberts Design

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