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Eric Paris Salon

In preparation for the Olympics in Beijing, Eric Paris Salons Ltd. wanted to create a large and luxurious spa and salon that would provide a memorable experience for customers while also offering the ability to host large groups simultaneously. GRAFT LLC's design has a red nail polish-colored, sensuous staircase linking the two floors. Meanwhile, polished stainless steel elements provide playful reflections. The staircase leads to a catwalk and eventually haircutting stations and discrete beauty rooms and massage stations. On the ground floor, manicure and pedicure stations are set in the open and facing each other, creating a communal setting in which customers can converse or merely admire each other.

Project Name
Eric Paris Salon

Beijing, China

Square Footage
5,800 square feet


Eric Paris Salons, Ltd.


Lighting Design
CDMA Lighting

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