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FLATIRON CROSSING (Broomfield, Colo.): Outstanding thematic project, where nature meets commerce.

Inside out

Visual and physical links to Colorado's natural environment permeate Flatiron Crossing. At the high point of a sloped site, oriented to capture views of the Rockies, the main entrance begins a sequence of environmental spaces including a sheltered meadow surrounding a pond; a waterfall; native vegetation; sweeping prairie vistas; and connections to an extensive trail system. In the category of New or Renovated Enclosed Centers, Seattle-based Callison Architecture Inc. was awarded the 2001 SADI for its design work on the project.

Plenty of windows and a 1,000-ft. clerestory running the length of the enclosed space bathe the space in sunlight and reveal dramatic views of the surrounding mountains and plains from virtually every point inside the mall.

Taking advantage of the region's 300 sunny days per year, the food court is designed to blur the line between indoors and out. The intent was to create a comfortable, familiar ambiance that encourages people to relax — much like a summer camp or a friend's backyard. Expansive, glass “garage” doors roll open at either end to let in light and fresh air. Generous roof overhangs offer protection from intense summer heat and severe winter wind and cold.


New or Renovated Enclosed Centers

Award Recipient

Callison Architecture Inc.


Bob Tindall; Doug Stelling; Dennis Rogers; Judd Eddy; Scott Brown; Jennifer Carlisle; Joan Insel; Mike Riggs; John Ginn; Esther Foerderer; Fernand Ricard; Tony Wheeler; Diane Inouye; Kimberleigh Grimm; Ed Sweetnam; Josephine Wong


Westcor Partners


Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: Pacific Wood Systems, Eugene, Ore. (ceiling); TCP Resources, Seattle (fabrics); Flooring Services LLC (flooring); Vintage Lumber Co., Denver (flooring); PIR International/TCP Resources, Seattle (flooring); Cascade Furniture Co./TCP Resources, Seattle (furniture); Shelby Williams Industries/Dave Waymire, Portland, Ore. (furniture); Community/Garrison & Associates, Mill Creek, Wash. (furniture); Emeco USA/Charlotte Reed, Seattle (furniture); Falcon, Seattle (furniture); Allied Steel Fabricators, Redmond, Wash. (furniture); KAASCO/TCP Resources, Seattle (furniture); Thomasville Contract/TCP Resources, Seattle (furniture); Callison, Seattle (graphics); Natural Selections/TCP Resources, Seattle (lighting); Warison/TCP Resources, Seattle (lighting); Firepit: Colorado Comfort Products, Denver (props/decoratives); Gardiner Signs (signage)

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