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GARDEN WALK (Makuhari, Japan): A themed project that complements the architecture.

A walk in the park

Garden Walk is designed and premised upon two themes, which drive the master plan, the design and the environmental graphic of the center. The first theme is a playful celebration of flowers throughout history — as symbols of worship, love and their importance in music and poetry. The second theme attempts to evoke a “sophisticated urban garden experience.” In the category of New or Renovated Outlet Centers, Dallas-based RTKL International Ltd. was awarded the 2001 SADI for its design work on the project.

Combined, the two themes create a colorful and vibrant backdrop for the high-end fashion tenants in the center, and attempts to link the nearby park, residential complexes and office towers that comprise Makuhari.

Garden Walk contains a world of colorful flowers that include: flower portraits approximately 16-ft. tall; giant roses with musical thorns; a tulip fountain; a giant orange sunflower providing a stage for gatherings and performances; and flower petals approximately 100-ft. long floating high above the mall and glow in colors of magenta, yellow and purple.

From the Sunflower Court, you can then “tip-toe through the tulips” to the Tulip Court by following the bronze letters set into the pavement that guide the shopper. Splendid colors and beautiful flowers are used lavishly throughout the center, and set an atmosphere of shopping excitement found nowhere else in Japan.


New or Renovated Outlet Centers

Award Recipient

RTKL International Ltd.



Mitsui Fudosan


Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: Tostem (aluminum windows); Yodogawa Seikosho (galvanized steel roof); Hachiya Kenzai (paper patterned foam); Surazucavity (plastic floor covering); Scotch Print Film (signage)

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