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Macy's Pasadena 2009 SADI Winner

It would have been easy to cut corners to just open a new store in the same market. Instead, Macy’s took the time and effort to renovate a historically significant property. For that, the SADI judges named the project a winner in our new department store category. The site opened as a Bullock’s in 1947 and has gone through several iterations. The new design helps maintain the store as an important building and preserves it for future generations. Judges lauded the blending of new displays and technology into the historic interior. One judge wrote, “it demonstrates that department stores are able to locally adapt and maintain their brand” and another said it “personifies the graciousness of a classic department store and marries it with fresh merchandising.”

Project Name
Macy’s - Pasadena
Pasadena, Calif.
Square Footage
240,000 square feet
Interior Design Consultant
Macy’s Inc.


Macy's Corporate Services
Amy Hanson, senior
vice president, property
development; Karen
Meskey, divisional vice
president, SPACE design
& planning; Bernie
Reiss, divisional vice
president, space construction;
James Sloss,
vice president, design;
Ramsay Weatherford,
vice president, planning;
Vinny Heitzmann, director,
construction; Jim
Kelly, director, design;
Jim Wagner, senior
designer; Lee Ann Muse,
manager, planning;
Manny Weinstein, project
manager, construction;
Amy Laughead,
lighting designer
General Contractor
C.W. Driver
Loose Fixturing
Prestige Store Fixtures
Perimeter Fixturing
Pearlite Fixture Group

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