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SADI 2011 – Snaidero USA Showroom Credits

Giorgio Borruso has become somewhat of a fixture in the SADI Awards. In the first of two Borruso projects to be recognized with Honorable Mentions this yeear, Borruso offers his latest take on a Snaidero USA Showroom—the third exploration of a concept that has inspired locations in Miami and Los Angeles.

Unlike in the two previous projects, there are no longer structures floating in space, but instead what Borruso calls a “fossil imprint.’ Staggered strips wrapping through the space are meant to be geological striations of previous defined layers.

These strips are a horizontal paneling structure with a special chalkboard finish that wrap the walls of the corner office, and into the conference room, where they also form display shelving. They are an invitation to visitors to write messages as they pass, creating a space where the individual is not just guided, but called to interact and communicate with his surroundings, thus becoming “part of the design.”

The focal point of the showroom lies at the origin of a series of long panels that jut out from the strips horizontally into the space, displaying a varied collection of material finish samples. Every line pushes and pulls, directing the visitors to the point of confluence. From this central point, everything emerges and retracts in a universal rhythm.

The structural columns remain as remnants; their beams subtly defined above. These iconic elements are deformed by the force of the radial system, creating torqued ‘capitals’ where column and beam meet.

These guiding elements are understated as individual elements, yet powerful in their totality. Nothing is purely decorative. Every accent, including the light fixtures and the air conduction system, serves a subtle purpose.

Project Name
Snaidero USA Showroom

New York

Square Footage

Giorgio Borruso Design

Snaidero USA

General Contractor
The Omara Organization

Project Manager
Tim Lillis (Snaidero USA)

Snaidero USA

Specialty Millwork

EcoSmart Fire

Magda Biernat

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