RiverRock Real Estate Group Joins Energy Star Program

RiverRock Real Estate Group, a property management firm based in Newport Beach, Calif., has joined the Energy Star campaign, which is backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). RiverRock is encouraging employees, clients, and tenants of the commercial buildings and retail properties it manages to reduce energy use and to take the Energy Star pledge.

“RiverRock has made a corporate commitment to do all we can to make a favorable environmental impact on all the properties we manage on a daily basis,” said John Combs, president of RiverRock, in a statement. “This program with EPA is one more tool we can use to spread the word about ways in which individuals can make small changes for a big positive impact.”

The focus on sustainability can save tenants and property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars, says Combs. RiverRock regularly reviews building rules and operating hours and makes adjustments that have reduced consumption. The firm holds "Going Green" seminars to educate its employees on new energy-efficient practices and tools. It also helps building owners pursue LEED Certification for their buildings.

RiverRock manages two LEED-certified buildings totaling 520,000 sq. ft. and a BOMA 360 certified building with 100,000 sq. ft. Both buildings have received Energy Star Certification. Two additional buildings totaling 440,000 sq. ft. in the RiverRock portfolio are in the final steps of becoming Energy Star Certified. The entire office portion of RiverRock’s portfolio has been registered through the Energy Star benchmarking program and is being tracked monthly.

In other environmental measures, the company holds electronic recycling fairs at which tenants can dispose of old computers, phones, batteries, and televisions without cost. The firm also holds “green fairs” with vendors, speakers and utility representatives to help educate tenants on how they can cut energy use and cost at the office and at their homes.

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