Sustainability Board of Advisors - Eileen C. Lee

Sustainability Board of Advisors - Eileen C. Lee

Eileen C. Lee, Vice President for Energy and Environmental Policy, NMHC

“We live in a world that has grown from 2.5 billion inhabitants in 1950 to more than 7 billion today, and our planet is expected to feed, water and house as many as 9 billion people by 2050. In 1950, we thought the world could produce unlimited fossil fuel resources. But we were wrong. Today, we know that fossil fuels are finite. It’s more expensive and technologically complex to find them. Because of our use of them we are depleting the world of energy, fresh water, and material resources at an ever faster rate as global population booms and civilization expands.

“Sustainability considerations are transforming the multifamily sector and are an important area of interest for NMHC.   While green used to just be the purview of buildings seeking a certification for marketing or other purposes, it is now the norm for a wide range of property owners who are making energy efficiency, smart building technology and resource/utility conservation a routine element of their operations.  

As the vice president of energy and environmental policy for NMHC, I have worked with leading apartment owners, developers and lenders to address issues related to green/sustainable building and operating practices in both new and existing housing. We are actively involved on the policy front, advocating on behalf of the sector on critical federal legislative and regulatory issues.  This area will only increase in importance to the industry.  Investment in sustainability not only delivers financial returns, it also speaks to a new generation of renters who expect their housing choice to reflect their priorities”.—Eileen Lee

Full Biography:

At the National Multi Housing Council, Eileen C. Lee, Ph.D., is vice president for energy and environmental policy, with responsibility for representing the interests of the multifamily industry before Congress and federal agencies. Prior to joining NMHC, Lee served as staff director of the Environment Subcommittee of the House Committee on Science. She holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Villanova University and received a Ph.D. in microbiology from The Catholic University of America.

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