Sustainability Board of Advisors - Jay Black

Jay Black, Director of Sustainability, SL Green Realty Corp.

“Sustainability is a critical tool for businesses in today’s commercial real estate market, offering a unique opportunity to address economic, social, and environmental issues simultaneously. I have become increasingly passionate about this field, and am committed to heightening awareness of sustainability’s many benefits, and to implementing initiatives that can bring about change. I am fortunate to have been offered a unique opportunity to help unlock sustainability’s potential for New York City’s largest commercial property owner, SL Green Realty Corp. It is a dynamic and exciting industry that has the capacity to redefine standards, drive efficiency, enhance our individual experiences of office environments and vastly improve the quality of our business communities.” - Jay Black

Full Biography:

After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from Roger Williams University in 2002, Jay Black began his career working in several Top 10 commercial interior design firms before joining SL Green in 2004 as director of architecture for its suburban division, Reckon. He was appointed as director of sustainability in 2011. As a LEED AP, Black established SL Green’s market-leading sustainability program in 2007. He is responsible for a broad platform of environmental accomplishments that have been recognized by the New York State Assembly as well as received BOMA’s Best Green Practices Award in 2010 and 2012.

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