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Sustainability Board of Advisors - Roger Platt

Roger Platt, Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Law, U.S. Green Building Council

“My commitment to sustainability is rooted in the practicality of green building. From a global perspective, it improves lives, it reduces carbon emissions and it is sound business decision-making. Now, more than ever, a sophisticated understanding of the intersection of real estate fundamentals and green building performance is a necessity, not a luxury, for savvy investors. The green building movement has matured to the point where investors have access to data on green building performance that makes ignorance to its value a risk factor. Green buildings are a proxy for long-term asset value and a commitment to quality in product and service. Further, they are a form of credit enhancement that improves the collateral of real estate investments.”—Roger Platt

Full Biography:

As senior vice president of global policy and law at USGBC, Roger Platt is responsible for overseeing the policy aspects of the increasingly global adoption of green building and urban development practices, including those recognized by the LEED green building program. He maintains non-partisan policy relationships with the World Green Building Council, the United Nations Environment Program, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the C40-Clinton Climate Initiative, among others.

Platt is the voice of USGBC before federal and state agencies, on Capitol Hill, in state capitals, city halls and county commissions across the country. He is also USGBC’s liaison, responsible for advancing its views on the environmental and market benefits of green schools, green affordable housing, sustainable communities and green buildings.

Before joining USGBC, Platt spent 15 years as senior vice president and counsel with the Real Estate Roundtable. Prior to that, he was a consultant to President Bill Clinton's then newly-formed Corporation for National and Community Service. Platt is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), which he helped found and for which he chaired the ULI Sustainable Development Council from 2001 to 2004 and the ULI Responsible Property Investment Council from 2010 to 2012. Platt currently serves on the Board of the World Green Building Council, where he is chair of the Policy Committee. He is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of San Francisco’s School of Law.

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