10 Reasons You Should Have a Green Lease

What can a green lease do for tenants? According to Meaghan Farrell, vice president and LEED Green Associate with Jones Lang LaSalle in Chicago, the benefits are tenfold, and more.

Implementing a green lease strategy is not overwhelming, but it must be undertaken through a careful process to assure maximum effectiveness, sustainable success and savings. Three important initial steps are:

1. Complete an in-depth green lease site assessment on a representative sampling of sites to identify improvement opportunities.

2. Develop benchmarked green site selection criteria and RFP language to be used consistently in acquiring new leaseholds, and renewing/renegotiating existing ones.

3. Train your staff to understand and use best-in-class green leasing tools.

To maximize your results, consider engaging a trusted independent advisor with expertise in both leased commercial real estate and implementing cost-saving sustainability across a large organization. Not only will their expertise increase your green leasing success, but your organization will be freer to focus on its core strengths and business goals.

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