Does Sustainability Influence Investment Decisions?

Occupiers have long been implementing sustainable strategies within their corporate facilities as a way to reduce costs. But the value proposition of owning green real estate hasn’t always been clear.

So, just how are property owners in America today responding to the demand for sustainable commercial real estate?

Cushman & Wakefield recently surveyed leading property owners and investors across the United States to determine how sustainability affects their investment decisions in the commercial office sector. The results provide keen insight into what owners are doing about sustainability and how they are adjusting their business practices in today’s environmentally-conscious culture.

Cushman & Wakefield's latest Investor Insight report identifies key drivers of sustainable practices. The report is available here.

The ability of a property to deliver energy efficiency to tenants ranked highest out of 14 factors in contributing the most value to an asset. While value varies from market to market, sustainability’s impact can be significant in making a property more competitive and assisting in a more rapid lease-up.

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